Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poster project cont.

Here shown is one version of my final poster. Then after my background was complete I added a car to the poster which was distorted some. After that I began to add the location and other necessary elements like that to make the poster appear as if it were for a real event.

However, I was not yet satisfied with my poster. I felt like there was to much empty space on the left of the poster so I came up with an amazing idea of adding a picture of a tire that I would alter to fit my poster. This is my poster with the tire added. Also before the tire was added I had a paper copy of my poster made so that I could actually see how everything looked on the page. What I found out was that my words were being lost because the shadow behind them was to dark. To fix that I just add a white shadow behind the letters. That fixed it.

Poster project cont.

Then after finally finding a picture for my background I used photoshop to alter the image in different ways. At first i was going to go with a blackened version of my image but after viewing it many times over I came to the realization that black was no good! So instead, I altered my image to be a very bright orange. And I was much more pleased with the orange rather than the black that I had it at before.

Poster project

For this project we were asked to create a poster of a fake or real event. We were asked to have one drawn element and I believe the background had to be a photo or some kind of original design from us. I chose to use a photo of a wheel from a friend's car as my background

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gestalt: A piece of my mind

In the study of Gestalt it is show that the brain is able to bring pictures and forms together from small and disconnect pieces. It is the space between the lines that makes the mind have to figure out what should be there to complete the pattern. Good examples of this are dot to dot drawings that younger kids are so happy to do.

Not only does Gestalt use objects but it also uses the space between the objects to make other objects have form and volume. Personally, I really did find the ideas behind Gestalt amazing and hopefully I'll be able to use some of what it talks about in my latest logo assignment.

New Logo Project!!

Recently we were in asked in class to create a logo out of found materials. For example, chalk, metal scrapes, wire , basically anything you can think of to make you're logo. I so far have two logos. The first is a a tape outline of my logo and the second is a marker drawing. More to come very soon!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A thought on Semiotics

When I first heard the word "semiotics" I was curious. Semiotics is the study of signs and their production meanings. Honestly, I guess I have never really considered the complexity of a logo. It has to get the point across without confusing the viewer. One example of this is the "M" that Mcdonald's uses for it's logo. Really anywhere a person goes and see that capital golden M they without a second thought know that it's a Mcdonald's. In this case, Mcdonald's has a very affect logo because it answers the how, what, and why. Meaning, that the viewer understands the logo, knows what it represents, and knows the meaning behind the logo in context to what they need.

However, there are still things about semiotics that I think are confusing. Mainly, it's the vocabulary. But, I believe with more reading and through this course I'll be able to unwrinkle some of the concepts behind semiotics.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Test Post

This is a test post